Support teams and schools? Click here to see our supporters now, or continue to scroll down the page. Here is where you will be able to let the community know what you do and what you require to be able to hold a fundraiser at your establishment. This page is currently under construction, but for any questions feel free to email or call at 858-213-9380.
Do you offer Fundraisers or have sponsored local programs or both: We offers several types of fundraisers :Resale of our products at your events (you keep all profits) or Spirit Days (you select a day on which a percentage of the sales you generate will be paid back to your organization.) We also do full food donations and food sponsorships.
What you offer as a fundraiser or sponsorship: Food Donations, Re-sale of our products and Spirit Days (Percentage Nights).
What you require: All communications are done through e-mailing Donation Request must be submitted by the 15th of the month preceding your event. Spirit Days must be scheduled a minimum of two weeks prior to the event. Re-sales can be booked within 24hrs of the event; but, we recommend early communication, as we receive several request each day.
List of programs you have done fundraisers with and or sponsored: American Heart Association, Relay for Life, Navy, Marines, Newbreak Chuch, Existence Church, Elevate Church, Good Shepherd Church, Grace Fellowship, MMHS Key Club, MMHS Football, MM Youth football, MMHS AFJROTC, MM softball, MMHS band, SR Football, SR young ladies of Excellence, MMHS Christian Clubs, SRHS Christian Clubs, MMHS ASB, UCSD, MMHS PPO, SRHS PPO, Charity:Water, Boy Scouts, SDPD, Renovate, Hope Leadership Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Photocharity, Challenger, Eriksen, Mason, Hage, MM Town Council…

Look below to see some of our community supporters.

Business Name: Chick-fil-A at Mira Mesa
Type of Business: Fast Food, Chicken Chain
Address: 10750 Camino Ruiz San Diego, CA 92126
Person to contact about fundraiser: Ashley Baillio
Phone: all communications are handled through e-mail, for the purpose of clarity.





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